March 12th 2013

    Just wanted to thank all my very good friends who were a continually support to me in this huge step of becoming a mommy!! 
  • Thank you Janet Pitcher and Judy Blunk for being with me at the hospital coaching and encouraging me all the way!!! Thanks for being our "driver" and "paparazzi" those pictures are priceless.  Thank you for going the distance and finding some edible food and smoothies.Thank you also for helping my mom through the birthing process. Couldn't do it without you guys ;)
  • Thank you Chris for snoring through my contractions at the birthing center. You were the BEST, holding me and helping me through it all. Thanks for all the back rubs you ever gave....  Thank you for the bruise. You were right in thinking the back rubs would develop a bruise, but it was worth it. Thanks for "taking one for the team" and demolishing my breakfast when I couldn't handle the smell.  Thank you for the countless walks around the birthing center and for taking those dreadfully small steps with me. It had to be soooo incredibly boring.  Thank you for NOT cooking in the kitchen, I know it was a sacrifice for you.  Thank you for Ruby Anne, and for being such a great daddy.      
  • Thank you Ronalee for coming out and helping me feed Ruby Anne.  Especially since most of the nurses didn't have a clue how to help me.  Thank you for your patience and kind heart and being available for my endless questions. Ruby Anne went to bed with a full tummy and slept thru the night, thanks to you!!
  • Thank you Mom for speedily coming to my bedside, sorry you had to wait so long, but wasn't it worth it? Thank you for getting up at all odd hours to help Ruby Anne nurse, change her diaper and to comfort me.  Thank you for holding the straw for me as I sipped water and for all the lovely snacks.  Thank you for taking pictures of Ruby Anne in the hospital.  I absolutely love them and will cherish them forever! Thank you for being the best mom ever!
  • Thank you to my very special dula, Cyndi for helping me through all the uncomfortable positions.  Thank you for being my endless support and for showing Chris how to "support" me. Thanks for updating my family of what was going on "behind the scenes" Thank you for asking questions on my behalf and for being my advocate.  
  • Thank you to all who came to visit us. It really made the days special and remember able.  I will cherish them forever in my heart.  Thank you Butch and Jan for coming out and meeting Ruby Anne.  Thank you Don Burger for coming and seeing our new addition.  Brad and Marissa Frandsen, thank you for bringing Eric and Chanelle to the Birthing Center to meet their new cousin. It was really sweet watching Eric and Chanelle hold tiny Ruby Anne, and to hear Brad's constant "she's so beautiful" over and over.  Thank you Brent and Aundrea for coming by the house to share Ruby's first weekend.  Uncle Allen and Auntie Christine, thank you for coming for the weekend and to meet Ruby Anne!  We love to share her with all of you!! love you guys!! 

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