Welcome baby Ruby Anne

  Today, June 22nd 2013 you, Ruby Anne, get to be the "Honorary Flower Girl" aka The Wanna Be Flower Girl, for Lindsey and Sam Bory's Wedding. It's great to have a title, it's even better to have a new dress with matching silver shoes.  We went and showed you off at the wedding site yesterday, where ALL the grandma's were and all the chaos was taking place.  Grandma Frandsen was arranging flowers and she HAD to have a break to hold the baby. The list of baby holders goes on and on....but Brandon Chruch took the medal in holding her the longest.  GET YOUR OWN!! The flowers were amazing, I can't wait to incorporate some of these ideas. 
  Dawna's little guys who are the ring bears are soo stinkin' cute and fat!! I can't wait to kiss more cheeks and take pictures!!
  A little background.  The wedding is at my Aunt Joy and Uncle Dave Justus's house.  Soooo, that makes them Great Aunt and Uncle to you Ruby Anne. hehehee The wedding site is in their front yard, and the reception is on their tennis court.  Yesterday, it was roasting about the wedding time...so here's to crossing our fingers hoping it's a bit cooler oh,oh and for hoping we don't sink into soggy wet grass in stilettos.  A mandatory trip to Cost Plus for an umbrella is in the making all for you, little Ruby Anne, can't have you RED!!
    Yesterday, was a mentionable day....Brent and Aundrea's have graciously let us stay in their beautiful, peaceful house along the cost in Laguna Niguel, while they drive Analise to college. I got lost finding Trader Joes, yes I did write down directions, but must have forgot a street.  That's Chris's fault right?  While I was placing all the items on the belt at VONS, I dropped the carton of eggs, they ALL broke.  Then, I burnt my burrito in the microwave, stinking up the whole house, and they have meeting here tomorrow.  We have tried to cook bacon over the smell...  I don't think it helped.  Winnie, the Basset Hound, got into the pantry and proceeded to eat a bag of crackers.  She too hadn't been fed.  Then the neighbors who are supposed to be feeding Winnie came over and rang the door bell like 4 times!!  SHeesh, don't they know the baby is asleep? Did I mention that I forgot Chris's brown shoes? sheesh.  I don't feel very "put together" maybe a soak in the hot tub will make everything better.

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