Annual Richtsmeier Vacation

All the crusty details....

We left our little farm in the damp rain and headed for Atlanta a day a head of our flight just so we could see old friends and new ones...
We drove through Chatanooga TN. It's the most beautiful drive. It reminded me of the Swiss Alps and Tahoe, without the snow or road closures. Not to mention CHAIn control...

We spent the night near the airport where we left our car and boarded the ✈.  We flew to Cancun and took a shuttle to our little Air B$B.  We like doing this trip with the WhOLE family and hope to do it in years to come. We stay in a tiny fishing village in Puerto Morales.

The 3 yr old wanted to know what Grammy was doing the whole time. She kept giving us snippets of conversations she will have with them. Such as, "I am gonna ask grandpa to take me to ice cream. Doinkey doinkey
Anyone know what Doinkey means?


Parenthood, doll houses and teddy bears

I read an old post that I didn't realize hadn't been posted. After reading it, I haven't taken a moment to post how greatful I am for all these little moments with these two precious babies God has given us. I am so thankful for this journey. I am thankful that we waited.
This December we celebrate our 16th year of marriage bliss (because life isn't so simple). It hasn't been perfect, however it's pretty sweet. I like that song..."God gave me you, for the ups and downs..."

1) the choice of staying home with our babies.
2) his Thai cooking skills rock
3) how he tries to make me smile
4) patience with the girls when he is explaining something for the millionth time
5) doll house maker, dream builder
6) Ruby likes his cheese shopping skills and always seems to finagle a toy out of it.
7) trip planner
8) chocolate candy sharer ( usually)
9) his amazing singing voice ( he can really sing!!)
10) optimistic outlook on life, always.
11) he hasn't met a stranger yet
12) I love all the talking in his sleep, it has entertained me our whole marriage.
13) the most amazing car fixer eva
14) you put the Earl in front of my Grey.
15) you put yourself before us.
16) lots and lots snuggles and book reading
17) you made all my dreams come true....with little big Thing 1 and Thing 2.


March 12th 2013

    Just wanted to thank all my very good friends who were a continually support to me in this huge step of becoming a mommy!! 
  • Thank you Janet Pitcher and Judy Blunk for being with me at the hospital coaching and encouraging me all the way!!! Thanks for being our "driver" and "paparazzi" those pictures are priceless.  Thank you for going the distance and finding some edible food and smoothies.Thank you also for helping my mom through the birthing process. Couldn't do it without you guys ;)
  • Thank you Chris for snoring through my contractions at the birthing center. You were the BEST, holding me and helping me through it all. Thanks for all the back rubs you ever gave....  Thank you for the bruise. You were right in thinking the back rubs would develop a bruise, but it was worth it. Thanks for "taking one for the team" and demolishing my breakfast when I couldn't handle the smell.  Thank you for the countless walks around the birthing center and for taking those dreadfully small steps with me. It had to be soooo incredibly boring.  Thank you for NOT cooking in the kitchen, I know it was a sacrifice for you.  Thank you for Ruby Anne, and for being such a great daddy.      
  • Thank you Ronalee for coming out and helping me feed Ruby Anne.  Especially since most of the nurses didn't have a clue how to help me.  Thank you for your patience and kind heart and being available for my endless questions. Ruby Anne went to bed with a full tummy and slept thru the night, thanks to you!!
  • Thank you Mom for speedily coming to my bedside, sorry you had to wait so long, but wasn't it worth it? Thank you for getting up at all odd hours to help Ruby Anne nurse, change her diaper and to comfort me.  Thank you for holding the straw for me as I sipped water and for all the lovely snacks.  Thank you for taking pictures of Ruby Anne in the hospital.  I absolutely love them and will cherish them forever! Thank you for being the best mom ever!
  • Thank you to my very special dula, Cyndi for helping me through all the uncomfortable positions.  Thank you for being my endless support and for showing Chris how to "support" me. Thanks for updating my family of what was going on "behind the scenes" Thank you for asking questions on my behalf and for being my advocate.  
  • Thank you to all who came to visit us. It really made the days special and remember able.  I will cherish them forever in my heart.  Thank you Butch and Jan for coming out and meeting Ruby Anne.  Thank you Don Burger for coming and seeing our new addition.  Brad and Marissa Frandsen, thank you for bringing Eric and Chanelle to the Birthing Center to meet their new cousin. It was really sweet watching Eric and Chanelle hold tiny Ruby Anne, and to hear Brad's constant "she's so beautiful" over and over.  Thank you Brent and Aundrea for coming by the house to share Ruby's first weekend.  Uncle Allen and Auntie Christine, thank you for coming for the weekend and to meet Ruby Anne!  We love to share her with all of you!! love you guys!! 

10 things

How do I love you, let me count the ways, Ruby Anne:
Three months

1. Your concentration frown
2. Your little lip poking out as you cry
3. The way you seem to hold your hands together, as if you were praying
4. The way you scrunch up your legs as I change your diaper
5. They way you talk to yourself in the morning in your crib
6. How you call out to us as we walk by you in your swing
7. The way you read books on long car trips
8. How you sleep through the night
9. Your relationship with the fan
10. The way your head bounces above your daddy's shoulder as he  carries you

unicorn bun

So, I had my hair up in this ugly bun which I call the "unicorn bun" I shook it at Ruby Anne.  It scared her and she started to cry!! hehehe poor thing...

Welcome baby Ruby Anne

  Today, June 22nd 2013 you, Ruby Anne, get to be the "Honorary Flower Girl" aka The Wanna Be Flower Girl, for Lindsey and Sam Bory's Wedding. It's great to have a title, it's even better to have a new dress with matching silver shoes.  We went and showed you off at the wedding site yesterday, where ALL the grandma's were and all the chaos was taking place.  Grandma Frandsen was arranging flowers and she HAD to have a break to hold the baby. The list of baby holders goes on and on....but Brandon Chruch took the medal in holding her the longest.  GET YOUR OWN!! The flowers were amazing, I can't wait to incorporate some of these ideas. 
  Dawna's little guys who are the ring bears are soo stinkin' cute and fat!! I can't wait to kiss more cheeks and take pictures!!
  A little background.  The wedding is at my Aunt Joy and Uncle Dave Justus's house.  Soooo, that makes them Great Aunt and Uncle to you Ruby Anne. hehehee The wedding site is in their front yard, and the reception is on their tennis court.  Yesterday, it was roasting about the wedding time...so here's to crossing our fingers hoping it's a bit cooler oh,oh and for hoping we don't sink into soggy wet grass in stilettos.  A mandatory trip to Cost Plus for an umbrella is in the making all for you, little Ruby Anne, can't have you RED!!
    Yesterday, was a mentionable day....Brent and Aundrea's have graciously let us stay in their beautiful, peaceful house along the cost in Laguna Niguel, while they drive Analise to college. I got lost finding Trader Joes, yes I did write down directions, but must have forgot a street.  That's Chris's fault right?  While I was placing all the items on the belt at VONS, I dropped the carton of eggs, they ALL broke.  Then, I burnt my burrito in the microwave, stinking up the whole house, and they have meeting here tomorrow.  We have tried to cook bacon over the smell...  I don't think it helped.  Winnie, the Basset Hound, got into the pantry and proceeded to eat a bag of crackers.  She too hadn't been fed.  Then the neighbors who are supposed to be feeding Winnie came over and rang the door bell like 4 times!!  SHeesh, don't they know the baby is asleep? Did I mention that I forgot Chris's brown shoes? sheesh.  I don't feel very "put together" maybe a soak in the hot tub will make everything better.


Orientation Day


I attended the Foster to Adopt ORIENTATION last night.  I have to say, I am pretty excited to finally be taking steps towards having a baby.  We are looking to adopt an infant up to 1 year in age.  At the Orientation they tried to scare me with horrid stories. Arrrr Once I got beyond the scary part, the social workers handed me a HUGE intimidating packet to fill-out.  Once we hand in our "completed packet," we will begin the 10 week classes for the Fos-Adopt program through CPS aka Child Protection Services. 

Time Table
Licensing    6 Months
Waiting period  5 Months
Honeymoon (waiting for adoption process to start)  5 Months
Adoption Process 1 Year
total time: 2 years 4 months (YIKES)

Right now this looks like our best opportunity, however, we are open to suggestions or options you may have.  If you know of anyone who needs help finding a mommy and a daddy for a baby, please let us know. Thank you.


Cousins and more Cousins

Southern California, Family Time! 

We all came together from North Dakota, Arizona, and Nevada to remember Grandma Frandsen and all that she was to us.  She was not only Nana, but babysitter, organ teacher, German instructor, referee, paparazzi, band groupie, queen cookie baker, rhubarb canning momma, pj seam stressed...and the occasional taxi driver (which was pretty risky). We love you Grandma Frandsen always and forever!!


Court Appointed Special Advocate

What is CASA and WHY do I want to fill my time with it?

  As I sat through yet ANOTHER baby shower for a sweet friend, I promised, by the NEXT baby shower, I would find a volunteer job to fill my heart.  I had to MOVE fast.....I often click through pictures of cute, chubby cheeked, smiley babies on Facebook, as well as pregnant mommas and fall into a slippery pit of depression.  I have been struggling with "what does God want us to do? Adopt or have our own babies?" I came to the END of myself and said, "that's it! we're going to start the adoption process and IF THAT isn't what God wants, we will KNOW."   I trust God will show us His will.  In the mean time, I have joined CASA to soak up my energy and my heart.  I like to think about our appointed advocate we have in heaven, talking on our behalf.

CASA means Court Appointed Special Advocates - which are trained community volunteers appointed by a judge as Officers of the court to be the "voice" for children in juvenile court, and to help them understand the process in way they would understand. In  California, there are 124,000 children in the foster system or institutions because of abused, neglected or abandoned by their families.  Eventually, they end up in court. Their only “crime” is that they have been victims. It is up to the judge to decide their future. Can you imagine? This broke my heart!
If you want to sign up or learn more about it...check out this website find CASA in your city: http://sacramentocasa.org/   The next orientation is July.

 The Big WHY?
 My attention will be focused on someone other than myself.
  Being an Advocate will give me sense of purpose.

My voice will be used for a  child, who's age is restricted in our court system, how rewarding is that? 
  I especially look forward to hearing a child's perspective.
The scary dark, judicial system will not be a mystery to me anymore. 
  I look forward to help a child find what he/she deserves such as a loving home, stability, and a sense of belonging. 


12 years of waiting....

We have waited 12 years to "expect" a child.  So, we decided to share 12 things we are looking forward to doing with our baby(s):

1. Kiss his/her face .
2. Smell his/her neck.
3. Whisper a million "I love yous" in his/her ears.
4. Rock her/him to sleep.
5. Feed him/her.
6. Check on him/her during nap time.
7. Pick-up him/her after nap time for some snuggles.
8. Help him/her with homework.
9. Go on a fishing trip with him/her.
10. Play games with him/her and going to baseball games.
11. Walk to the park with him/her.
12. Push him/her on the swings.



I am going to be an Auntie again October 28th!  Dawna's pregnant with baby number 2.  Is  it a Boy or a GIRL?