Parenthood, doll houses and teddy bears

I read an old post that I didn't realize hadn't been posted. After reading it, I haven't taken a moment to post how greatful I am for all these little moments with these two precious babies God has given us. I am so thankful for this journey. I am thankful that we waited.
This December we celebrate our 16th year of marriage bliss (because life isn't so simple). It hasn't been perfect, however it's pretty sweet. I like that song..."God gave me you, for the ups and downs..."

1) the choice of staying home with our babies.
2) his Thai cooking skills rock
3) how he tries to make me smile
4) patience with the girls when he is explaining something for the millionth time
5) doll house maker, dream builder
6) Ruby likes his cheese shopping skills and always seems to finagle a toy out of it.
7) trip planner
8) chocolate candy sharer ( usually)
9) his amazing singing voice ( he can really sing!!)
10) optimistic outlook on life, always.
11) he hasn't met a stranger yet
12) I love all the talking in his sleep, it has entertained me our whole marriage.
13) the most amazing car fixer eva
14) you put the Earl in front of my Grey.
15) you put yourself before us.
16) lots and lots snuggles and book reading
17) you made all my dreams come true....with little big Thing 1 and Thing 2.

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