Court Appointed Special Advocate

What is CASA and WHY do I want to fill my time with it?

  As I sat through yet ANOTHER baby shower for a sweet friend, I promised, by the NEXT baby shower, I would find a volunteer job to fill my heart.  I had to MOVE fast.....I often click through pictures of cute, chubby cheeked, smiley babies on Facebook, as well as pregnant mommas and fall into a slippery pit of depression.  I have been struggling with "what does God want us to do? Adopt or have our own babies?" I came to the END of myself and said, "that's it! we're going to start the adoption process and IF THAT isn't what God wants, we will KNOW."   I trust God will show us His will.  In the mean time, I have joined CASA to soak up my energy and my heart.  I like to think about our appointed advocate we have in heaven, talking on our behalf.

CASA means Court Appointed Special Advocates - which are trained community volunteers appointed by a judge as Officers of the court to be the "voice" for children in juvenile court, and to help them understand the process in way they would understand. In  California, there are 124,000 children in the foster system or institutions because of abused, neglected or abandoned by their families.  Eventually, they end up in court. Their only “crime” is that they have been victims. It is up to the judge to decide their future. Can you imagine? This broke my heart!
If you want to sign up or learn more about it...check out this website find CASA in your city: http://sacramentocasa.org/   The next orientation is July.

 The Big WHY?
 My attention will be focused on someone other than myself.
  Being an Advocate will give me sense of purpose.

My voice will be used for a  child, who's age is restricted in our court system, how rewarding is that? 
  I especially look forward to hearing a child's perspective.
The scary dark, judicial system will not be a mystery to me anymore. 
  I look forward to help a child find what he/she deserves such as a loving home, stability, and a sense of belonging. 

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