2011 Cliff Note Version

Jan: We got a house ready for rent....while "camping" inside.  That was an adventure.
Feb: We found a house for us to live in.   A "forever house" which means, I am not moving any time soon and no more camping.  We visited the Richtsmeier Family Farm and the Richtsmeier's in Grand Forks as well. It was a great to experience to see what living with twins is like.

Spring: We planted 100's of French Lavender reducing our water bill dramatically.

Summer:  We took a car trip to North Dakota and enjoyed the Yule Family Reunion.

Fall: We visited the Bible Belt and Great Auntie Ester and Sandy Justus....Bruce, Jessica and baby Carter Myers in Texas. We enjoyed finger licking BBQ ribs. 

Thanksgiving memorable because of the lack of a kitchen.  Dad washed the turkey in the Bathroom shower.....Rosie washed dishes in the laundry tub.  I hope one day I'll look back on this journey and not grind my teeth in frustration.  Maybe one day I'll laugh.  Just not today.  We spent our days with Cousins, Pammy, Jim Myers, Tom Baldock,  Mom and Dad, and Auntie Rosie. Mark Mooshian provided the instant mashed potatoes which we shall never let him forget.  How can next year be better :)

Love Chris and Shawna

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