Home, Sweet Home

Home again, Home again, jiggidy jig.

We are thankful there aren't anymore pigs!

Family farm, beyond the train tracks..

Fargo Scatters

Dwight and Juanita, the guys entertaining themselves

My new M&M friend in MN
We toasted Walt's 68th's birthday at Dave and Becky's house.
We ate and ate until we could eat no more.....
We talked and talked about kids and vacations...
Blew out candles and dropped matches on the floor...
We were so full, we had to find the door!!

German Chocolate Cake and soft serve ice cream from a gas station in town....

Everyone sat in the car and watched me as I got my picture taken by the neighbor man. Maybe he liked my Italian boots.

I loved the rock on this building, the gothic arched door way. It's now a museum, but it was a Town Hall. A young guy from accross the street had keys to view the interior if I wanted! But, check out that rock I wonder how those mason's hands looked?

Chris and Patric Lipsey, Chef for Stella's on 1 St Ave, Fargo

He and Chris competed in the Odyssey Of the Mind together at Mayville High School. He's a confirmed Thomas keller follower. His parents owned the cafe in Mayville.

While attending the music final for the Burgh's girls, we ran into Pat's sister Jesse along with her husband Jarrod Arneson. She mentioned Pat's resturant and so we made a point in dropping in. Anything to do with food, we are game!!

Cali and Brinna waiting for the car pool, trying to buy time.

Chris and Grant playing a game of some sort....

Brinna and Me, by Yaya

Yaha, is such a little fashion Diva!!

Grant telling his countless "Knock-Knock" jokes. "If you know the answer please don't tell!! "

And this is how you do 2!

Bubba's sweet face

Yaya and Kiki, living it up in front of the lense.

Love you Kiki!


Aundrea said...

Great pics! Thanks for Sharing!

Sharilyn said...

Thanks for posting! I'm so sad that I forgot to make copies while you were here. Perhaps you could email the ones from the bday party to me? You got some good ones!