Red Inspired

I have always been inspired by Red Front Doors because they "show up". What I mean by this is when I am looking through listings on the MLS or Multiple Listing Service, I always notice the house with the RED FRONT door. I'll click on the picture to see what the house is all about. Have you ever noticed when you drive through a neighborhood, you'll do a double take at the RED Front door? Red is a great color not only for Christmas, but for Valentine's Day as well. Red also hides dirt and small little finger prints.

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Shana said...

I love red front doors too!! Right now I'm really loving blue though... Maybe when we repaint the house I can convince Joe we should go with red or blue!!

Martine Irene said...

I LOVE red front doors too, Shawna! And you are right, I always do a double take! I'm really tempted to paint our front door red . . . and maybe I will one of these days!

Chris said...

I have helped clients pick the red shade, however, I have never actually painted my own. It just never worked out. Maybe this house, I'll get the chance.